Best customer service ever! Our company uses them for all of our cellular needs and we have used them personally for all our stereo installations for our motorhome and boats. Alan and his crew are so knowledgeable and go out of their way to accommodate our needs. J.P. Santa Barbara

Mark B.

I just had my stereo installed by these guys today and I could not be happier. Great level of service and knowledge and I thought that they were really reasonable on price too. I know a lot of places have hidden upsells for wiring and extra stuff, these guys were really honest about what was really required.

Highly recommended!

Eric S.

The guys here were really great helping me decide what I needed in a stereo unit. They gave me awesome service, getting me in and out quickly with no questions asked when I told them I had a time crunch and even offered to give me a ride to my house if I didn’t want to wait at the shop while they worked on my car. Nice guys, and knowledgable about their products, plus a lifetime warranty. Can’t beat that.

James W.

Came by last week because I had bought an after market stereo and had trouble installing it myself. I Initially chose this location simply because of the great reviews I saw here. After having 4 speakers replaced and the new deck put in, safe to say it was some of the greatest customer service I have ever experienced.

Shoutout to Mike who helped me with all the work and saving me some money. He took the time to show me each step of the installation and made sure everything was solid. I would highly  recommend anybody to get work done at this location.

Alarm customer from Goleta

I went over to Santa Barbara Auto Stereo and Wireless to have them disconnect my car alarm, it had been draining the battery, locked the computer key system and had consistently been going on and off, our poor neighbors. We had Auto Club come out three times to charge up our battery . . . Aghh!

So long story short, Alan and a very nice coworker asked if I had ever changed the vehicles automatic key lock/unlock battery, so they had me go over to Radio Shack and change the batteries, came back and they played with the alarm system underneath the steering column, reset the alarm and Voila no more alarm going bizzerk! I asked what I owed them and they replied . . . No charge and to bring the car back in if anything starts up again, it wouldn’t be any problem. I was so relieved and happy to hear such great news and was completely confident with the knowledge and good old fashioned service. I highly recommend using Santa Barbara Auto Stereo Wireless, they are Great guys!

Donald H

My CD was not working. I took it into a shop in San Francisco. They told me it would take 2+ weeks to send the CD back to MFG and would cost close to $275; and that maybe it was best to buy a new unit as my “radio” system in my MBZ is old and hence should be replaced with an Alpine unit for iPhone users for $612.42.

Instead I drove to Santa Barbara and was fortunate enough to visit SB Auto Stereo.  Kevin looked at my CD; removed two screws pulled out a line and let it sit.  He plugged it back in and it worked and is still working.  Following this we discussed my interest in replacement for Sprint broadband UBS.  He gave me options to consider and I ended up very happily with a new Samsung 4G Unit on Verizon — he was patient and sat down and guided me through the complete set up.  I later went onto Verizon site to set up Data Manager and found that Verizon had just released a special an additional discount for online purchase.  I brought this to the Owner of SB Auto Stereo’s attention and without question he processed a credit to my account – Great service, no rip offs, gives you options to consider, and are patient with you…no reservations in recommending them, even if you have to pay for the gas from SF.

Donald H.

David P

I had a headache of a GPS unit to install. I had to come back 3 times to get it in and work. Kevin and Mike were very helpful and charged me a fair price for great work. I will come back here soon to install an iPod system.

David P.

Google User

Kevin and Alan at SB Auto Stereo are amazing at customer service. They just excelled again so I decided I had to tell someone! I am a local real estate agent and my husband is a contractor. Between us and our children and staff, we have probably purchased over 15 phones thru SB Auto Stereo over the years. They have always been creative in the management of our accounts, upgrades, and answer all our technical questions and issues patiently and efficiently. I highly recommend doing business with them – they’re local AND they really know their stuff!



My wife and I have been customers of Santa Barbara Auto Stereo for over 15 years. They have taken care of all of our blue tooth hands free car phones, are MIFI connections and all of cellular wireless phones. Kevin and Alan have always been available to help us with our communication problems, no matter where in world we may have been. They stand by their work. If something does not work, they will get it fixed or replaced. I highly recommend Santa Barbara Auto Stereo.


James Biesty

I have been to these guys for two-car stereo’s now and the first time I was a little skeptical because it seemed like I was going to pay a lot more. After doing some serious research as to what I want and what it would cost with SB auto vs. Best Buy or other bigger chain stores I found that these guys end up being about the same out the door. To boot you get a much better install. Before these guys it was Circuit City and Best Buy for my other stereos and I always had to return or ask them to do the job right before giving the car back to me. With SB Auto Stereo Some of the installers have been there for years (like Mike) and have accrued a ton of experience. They can do things that most installers can’t. As a result it usually ends with a better overall experience. I’ve been impressed with the owner all the way down to the installers. As long as I’m in SB I will go to these guys. After the first install I didn’t even consider any one else when I went to them for a stereo upgrade for my new car.

I also drive about 30000 miles in the winter and can say the Pioneer stereo they installed makes my drives significantly easier. Another thing I found out is they sell Verizon Wireless. I wish I had signed up through them because when I had an issue with a smart phone I waited at the Verizon store for 1.5 hours to be helped. Instead I could have walked into SB Auto Stereo and I would have been helped almost immediately.

James Biesty