Satellites in Action

Established in 1982, Satellites in Action is a DIRECTV Local Authorized Retailer providing full turnkey service – starting with the activation process to the highly skilled installation of equipment for both residential and commercial markets, serving Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

The advantage of calling Satellites in Action (805-965-4888) instead of the 800 DirecTV number is our ability to perform customized installations that pose a challenge to the installer. Each of the following installations could not be done by an in-house AT&T installer.

This particular mount is very specialized because it integrates into the red tile roof. Very few installers will even attempt to work on red tile roofs because the tiles are very brittle. They break very easily.

This is a typical mount that would utilize a chimney to place the antenna on. Another complicated and specialized installation.

Demonstrates the ability to keep the antenna very low on the roof so that it stays below the roof line. It’s a special non-penetrating roof mount with cinder blocks as braces. This way you do not have to drill anything into the roof.

This is more typical of what an antenna will look like on the fascia board in the house or on a patio in this case.


DIRECTV is on the cutting edge of satellite television technology and offers 4K picture quality format. 4K is a format whose resolution is four times higher than that of standard 1080p high definition. DIRECTV delivers three channels dedicated to 4K transmissions, and only DIRECTV offers live television broadcasts in 4K quality.


Genie is DIRECTV’s most advanced HD DVR system ever, allowing you to record up to five programs at once, and 4K Genie Minis are compatible with 4K TVs, providing you with the highest possible resolution for your recorded shows.


Satellites in Action offers both residential and commercial installation services, including sports bars, fitness clubs, businesses, and doctor’s offices. Our team of experienced installers can do it all.

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