Car Audio

What do I need to do to make my iPod or hard drive work in my car?

Very simple — we stock a variety of solultions for all vehicles that integrate all hard drive devices with a direct digital interface. No need to go through an FM radio signal.

I have a big SUV and sometimes I can’t see in back or in front of me. What can I do to be a safer driver?

We offer a wide variety of driver-assist products, such as back-up cameras and screens, park-assist aids and thermal imaging cameras. These devices will definitely make anyone a much safer driver.

I just bought a very fast car. What can I do to protect myself from getting speeding tickets?

Most police in today’s world use Laser to detect speeding drivers. We offer Laser diffusion systems that warn the driver that they have been shot by Laser, and diffuse the signal so that the shooter never gets a reading, enabling the driver to slow down to the speed limit. Certain Laser diffusion manufacturers will pay the speeding ticket for the customer if they should get one as a result of the diffuser not warning them in time.

I’m shopping for a new car. I want a navigation and entertainment system. Why should I go with aftermarket equipment from your store vs. the option from the car manufacturer?

Aftermarket equipment is generally more advanced than stock OEM options. Customers are constantly running into situations where their new phones won’t work with their current cars Bluetooth system. Most of these systems cannot be updated to work with a newer phone. This rarely happens with an aftermarket system, since these systems can receive software updates to make just-released products compatible. A classic example was the introduction of the iPhone 5. Most factory systems were rendered inoperable when Apple made this change. These units had no way to be updated, like the aftermarket ones. Both Alpine Electronics and Pioneer Electronics came out with software updates to make existing units compatible. This reason alone is a major consideration when shopping stock vs. aftermarket equipment. Another thing to keep in mind is that aftermarket equipment can be serviced a lot easier than stock OEM systems.

Q – I like my current OEM system. I just want want to improve my sound quality. What’s the best way to do this, keeping my existing system in the car?

Most stock systems are underpowered. The stock speakers will sound a lot better with more power. We always recommend adding some form of an amplifier and a subwoofer to the existing stock system. This will most definitely take that system to a new level.